MSc Soumyadipta Sengupta, PhD candidate
Multiscale modelling of PEM membranes for novel flow batteries




MSc Vivek Sundaram, PhD candidate
Multiscale simulations of organic solar cells (together with Dr. B. Baumeier, Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences)




Mr. M.W. (Maarten) Boomstra, Master End Project: MD modelling  of hydrated salts for thermal energy storage (together with Dr. H. Huinink, TPM group)


Dr. Bart Vorselaars, Lincoln University
Dr. Tim Mulder, ASML 
Dr. S. A. (Andrea) Muntean, Karlstad University
Dr. D. (Dmytro) Hudzinskyy, ASML
Dr. C. (Chrysostomos) Batistakis, ASML
Dr. D.V. (Darya) Guseva, Moscow State University
Dr. T. (Theodoros) Davris, ASML
Dr. Vikas Negi