Student Projects

There are always plenty of topics students can work on in our group, be it for a Final Bachelor Project (BEP), a M.Sc. graduation project, or an internship abroad.

Topics can range all across soft matter, and from abstract and mathematical to very concrete and directly related to ongoing experiments. Most projects will involve some amount of computer simulation work, but prior experience with this is not essential, and we can also define a more analytically oriented project.

Currently available projects include

  • Modeling hydrogel formation
  • Simulating mechanical properties of gels and elastomers
  • Abstract models of disordered soft materials
  • Diffusion of proteins in biosensors
  • Improving biodegradable plastics using cellulose nanoparticles
  • Modeling Vitrimers: Polymer-like materials that are both strong and versatile
  • Designing simple particles that make complicated crystal structures
  • Materials with catch bonds: optimizing load distribution in disordered matter
  • …anything else you come up with!

Contact me if you would like to have more information on what you could work on!