I am involved in the following courses

Bachelor College

  • Electromagnetism 3AEX0
    first year, mandatory for Applied Physics majors
  • Statistical Mechanics and Molecular Simulation 3FPX0
    third or second year, Bachelor College Elective
    This course is currently being redesigned and merged with Modeling of Biomechanical Processes (3FBX0).
    After the redesign, it will be part of two coherent elective packages: Multiscale Techniques, and Biomechanics.
  • Physical Modelling and Simulation 3FMX0
    third or second year, Bachelor College Elective
    This is a new course on numerical techniques for physicists, to be taught for the first time in the first quarter of academic year 2017-2018, and part of the “Computational Techniques for Physics” coherent elective package.

Graduate School

  • Biomolecules and Soft Matter 3MN020
    mandatory for Applied Physics M.Sc. students in the “Nano” track.
  • Polymer Physics 3MN100