Group Members

Principal Investigator

Dr. Wouter G. Ellenbroek
Office: Flux 5.107
E-mail: w.g.ellenbroek [at]
Office phone: +31-40-247 4351


Ph.D. Students

Francis Jose
Office: Flux 5.102
E-mail: f.jose [at]

Chiara Raffaelli
Office: Flux 5.102
E-mail: c.raffaelli [at]


Project Students

Bart van der Heijden (M.Sc.)
Steven Miltenburg (M.Sc., with Remco van der Hofstad and Pim van der Hoorn)
Joost Bergen (M.Sc., with Peter Zijlstra)
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Nick Tito (2016-2019, now at Electric Ant Lab)

Ph.D. Students

Mathijs Vermeulen (2014-2020, now at Fontys Hogescholen)
Anwesha Bose (2015-2020, now at Lloyds Banking group)
Simone Ciarella (2016-2021, now a postdoc at ENS Paris)

M.Sc. Students

Steven van Duijnhoven (graduated 2020, with Kees Storm)
Jan van Mastrigt (graduated 2020, with TNO Food&Pharma printing)
Hanneke Hoogerheide (graduated 2021, with Marcel Meinders and Paul van der Schoot)
Sophie van Lange (minor project, graduated 2020, with Simone Ciarella)

B.Sc. Students

Kristian Thijssen (B.Sc. 2014, with Mathijs Vermeulen)
Stijn van Leuken (B.Sc. 2015, with Rémy Kusters)
Ruben Boot (B.Sc. 2017, with Chiara Raffaelli)
Lars Burgerjon (B.Sc. 2017, with Kees Storm)
Thomas van Gool (B.Sc. 2018)
Haydar Almass (B.Sc. 2018, with Peter Zijlstra)
Hanneke Hoogerheide (B.Sc. 2019, with Anwesha Bose)
Thomas Slangen (B.Sc. 2019, with Anwesha Bose and Nick Tito)
Quirine Braat (B.Sc. 2019, with Nick Tito)
Mark Brand (B.Sc. 2019, with Simone Ciarella)
Jaap de Leeuw (B.Sc. 2019, with Simone Ciarella)
Thijs Niestadt (B.Sc. 2020, with Simone Ciarella)
Luke Visser (B.Sc. 2020, with Pim van der Hoorn and Remco van der Hofstad)
Martijn Dorrestijn (B.Sc. 2020, with Pim van der Hoorn and Remco van der Hofstad)
Max Michiels (B.Sc. 2020, with Mark Peletier)
Leon Kamp (B.Sc. 2020, at the Bertoldi group at Harvard)
Friso Dubach (B.Sc. 2020, with Kees Storm)
Simon van Tilburg (B.Sc. 2021, with Pim van der Hoorn and Remco van der Hofstad)
Koen Vullings (B.Sc. 2021)
Max van Hemert (B.Sc. 2021)
Teun Verouden (B.Sc. 2021, with Bart van der Heijden)
Michaël Heere (B.Sc. 2021, with the TU/e Innovation Space)