About us


I am an associate professor within the Theory of Polymers and Soft Matter  (TPS) Group of Applied Physics Department at Eindhoven University of Technology. In our research the major emphasis is on atomic-scale modeling of macromolecules, including glasses and polymer nanocomposites, dendrimers and thin polymer films. But the main focus is – of course – on polymer dynamics and mechanics. We aim at developing a long-standing research program in Eindhoven for multi-scale computer simulations (from macro scale to nanoscale, in time and space) of disordered materials for new energy.  Our group is an important part of the Center for Computational Energy Research (CCER).


Contact information

Dr. Alexey V. Lyulin
Associate professor (UHD)
Theory of Polymers and Soft Matter (Applied Physics)
Postbus 513
5600 MB Eindhoven
The Netherlands

e-mail: a.v.lyulin -at- tue.nl
phone: +31 40 247 4253