Curriculum Vitae


1992PhD, Institute of Macromolecular Compounds,
Russian Academy of Sciences
1986-1988 MPhil Honors, Physics Department,
St. Petersburg State University

Work Experience

since 2023Professor, chair of Multiscale Molecular Dynamics (MMD), EEMCS and ST faculties, University of Twente
since 2019Associate professor (UHD2), TUe Endhoven
2009-2018Universitair Docent I, TU/e, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2016Visiting scientist, Stanford University, Chemical Engineering department, C. Frank group
2000-2008 Dutch Polymer Institute Fellow, Eindhoven, Netherlands
1992-2000 Research Associate, Institute of Macromolecular Compounds
1998-2000 Research Assistant, University of Leeds, UK
1997Visiting Scientist, MPI-P, Mainz, Germany
1996-1997 Research Assistant, University of Bristol, UK
1994-1995 Research Assistant, University of Brussels, Belgium

Main Collaborations

CCER, TU/eProf. B. Geurts, Prof. P. Bobbert, Prof. J.M.V.A. Koelman, multiscale modelling for new energy
M2N group, TU/eProf. R. Janssen, Prof. P. Bobbert, morphologies of solar cells
MaTe group, TU/eProf. dr. L. Govaert, brittle-ductile behaviour of thermoplastics
Aristotle University of ThessalonikiProf. K. Karatasos, modelling of dendrimers and hyperbranched polymers
University of AthensProf. D. Theodorou, multiscale modelling of advanced polymer nanocomposites
Institute of Macromolecular Compounds, St. PetersburgProf. J. Kenny, Prof. S. Lyulin, multiphysics modelling and experimentation for advanced polyimides-based nanocomposites
Moscow State University Prof. A.R. Khokhlov, polymer nanocomposites
Institute of Mathematical Problems in Biology Dr. N.K. Balabaev, software development
San Diego State University Dr. A. Baljon, polymers in confinement
Stanford University Prof. Do Yoon, Prof. C. Frank, PEM membranes
IISER, PuneProf. A. Venkatnathan, membranes for novel fuel cells

Awards and Grants

2020TTW OTP Program of NWO on novel paraffin based nanocomposites for heat storage, > 800 kEuro
2016FOM/SHELL Energy Research Grant for multiphysics of flow batteries, 1 PhD position, 260 kEuro
2016Megagrant (with M. Karttunen, TU/e and S. Lyulin, IMC, Russian Academy of Sciences) from Russian Government, "Rational design of biocompatible materials based on chemically modified cellulose", 2 MEuro
2014Megagrant (with J. Kenny, University of Perugia and S. Lyulin, IMC, Russian Academy of Sciences) from Russian Government, "Multiscale experimentation on advanced thermoplastics and nanocomposites for industrial applications", 2 MEuro
2014FOM/SHELL Grant for CSER project on solar cells morphologies, 1 PhD position, 260 kEuro
2012-2013 PI of Russian Federal Targeted Program on multiscale modelling of advanced polyimides, 2 PhD positions, 200 kEuro
2012FOM Industrial Partnership Program on nanocomposites, co-applicant, with UvA, SKF, Michelin and DPI, 4 PhD positions, 1 MEuro
2012EU FP7 Program CompNanoComp, initiator, WP leader, 6 PhD positions, 2.5 MEuro
2004-2008 3 DPI projects granted (3 PhD positions, 0.5 Assistant Professor post for 4 years)
2000NWO Grant for joint Russian-Dutch collaborative project on studies of dendrimers
1997Presidental and Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences Award for Prominent Young Scientists
1993G. Soros Award for Prominent Young Russian Scientists


2000 – now reviewer for NSF, EPSRC, Sweedish Knowledge Foundation, Austrian Science Fund (FWF)
2000 – now reviewer for Science, Phys. Rev., Phys. Rev. Letters, Macromolecules, Polymer, J. Polym. Sci., J. Chem. Phys, Polym. Sci. USSR
2000 - now member of Dutch national-based EPL, DRSTP, ICMS, EMI networks and research schools
2015member of peer review panel for FOM
2012Initiated successful EU FP7 network program CompNanoComp
2010Organizer of COST Spring Computational School for Computer Simualtion of Dendrimers, Eindhoven
2010Dutch coordinator of COST program on dendritic research
2001-2011 ESF Scientific Network SimBioMa
2004-2008 Coordinator of Structure-Performance cluster in Dutch Polymer Institute Corporate Research program
2003-2008 Organizer of Polymer/Soft Matter Departmental Seminars, about 70 invited guests
2008Organizer of ESF International Conference on Hyperbranched Polymers as Novel Materials for Nanoscale Applications, Crete
2005Organizer of CECAM Workshop on Simulation of deformed glasses and melts, Lyon
1999-2002 ESF Scientific Network SUPERNET